Covid-19 Update We are closely following government guidelines in our club and are taking guidance from the industry body UKActive in the UK.

Our members can easily maintain at least a 2m distance from each other in all areas of the club, including our Group Exercise Studios where we’ve created 2.5m spaces for all class participants. We’re helping to facilitate social distancing via the following measures:

Bookings are limited for group exercise classes to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

We’re using signage and clear floor markings to help members to remain a safe distance apart and team members are on hand throughout our Clubs to support.

We have reduced the number of people in the pool at any one time.

Sanitising stations are available in all areas of the gym.

Increased cleaning checks across the whole of the gym have been implemented.


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    What’s Functional Training all about?

    Featured Article
    2nd October @ 14:44

    What’s Functional Training all about?

    Functional Training sets you up for daily life. In our busy day-to-day lives’ we perform functional movements in almost every activity we do – from getting in and out of the car; to climbing the stairs; to carrying heavy shopping bags – and Functional Training is a fantastic way to condition; strengthen; prolong our bodies’; and prepare us for life.

    Our Group Functional Training (GFT) experience breaks away from the long-standing norm of repetitive, mindless workouts. Forget about the days of flogging yourself to death on a treadmill or cross trainer; or forcing out set-after-set of the same, boring, dumbbell or barbell exercises. Our GFT sessions will have you hooked and returning for more!

    While a traditional gym floor setup will always have a place, gym equipment usually has a sole purpose – to target a specific muscle. There are far more engaging ways to train your body from top-to-toe and that way is in our Group Functional Training studio.

    Our GFT studio boasts a variety of strength and cardio equipment, designed to deliver a full body workout. Our dedicated trainers are there to coach you every step of the way, to ensure you get the most out of each session.

    Functional for Sport

    Functional workouts aren’t just about helping with everyday body conditioning; mobility; and strength – our GFT workouts are a great way to compliment your training for sport. A simple exercise, like a sandbag walking lunge, can benefit a marathon runner or a rugby player. This exaggerated striding action, can develop running power, and dodging or side stepping skills.

    Release your inner WARRIOR.

    The team at King Street Gym have transformed the space into the ultimate functional training arena. Our trainers have developed a range of GFT classes to kick off our grand opening in a powerful fashion.

    Our FGT WARRIOR class is the ultimate fully body workout. Battle this workout in our functional playground as you build strength, develop endurance, and improve mobility. Using a variety of weighted equipment, such as sandbags and kettlebells, as our trainers lead you through this 30-minute workout that will leave you feeling pumped, like a warrior.

    Trainer, Ellis Spencer, said: “All of our FGT workouts are suitable for anyone and everyone. Before you tell yourself ‘I’m not fit enough to do classes’, let me tell you that you absolutely are!

    How do you think you get fit? By coming to the classes! On your first visit, just let the trainer know that it’s your first time and they will take good care of you. It’s our job to make sure you enjoy the class; feel the benefit of it; and keep coming back, so you achieve your goals.

    Trust me, we put the fun in FUNctional!

    All our classes are available to book online or at reception now.